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#3 Cactus #7 Clouds #34 Rocks under Water #12 Dandelion I #28 Night Moon #8 Crashing Waves #49 Web #38 Shifting Sand
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Gaiamore with tree

Personal Consultation with Gaiamore

$80.00 per hour

Gaiamore is available by telephone appointments for personal growth sessions and consultations using The Earth Deck. You must have your own Earth Deck for this service.

Personal growth sessions are designed to help you find solutions to the challenges in your life and to help you learn more about yourself by practicing nature divination with the images from The Earth Deck.

Topics for consultation include ritual planning, how to use nature divination with clients, incorporating nature divination in earth-based celebrations, advice for solitary practitioners, and more.

Contact Gaiamore with questions about the process and to set up an appointment at .




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