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#10 Crevice in Rock #41 Sun in Clouds #44 Tree Aperture #14 Dried Mud #27 Tree Carving #15 Entwined Tree Limbs #53 Yosemite Cliff #29 Reflection
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About The Earth Deck

The Earth Deck is a beautiful collection of 52 nature photographs configured in a large 8x8 inch format. The laminated cards are durable, easily seen in group settings, and perfect for a variety of interactive or solitary practices. Images of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) are evenly distributed in various forms. Also, there is a nice representation of the seasons and climate zones. The photo that appears on the back of each card is a compelling picture of a crystal ball on the earth, suggesting the idea that if we look deeply to the earth for guidance, we will gain all the knowledge we seek. As a display object, each card is beautiful to look at and evokes a sense of awe in the magnificence and power of nature. They come in a handmade cloth bag, which is both functional and fashionable.


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Nature divination with The Earth Deck is a unique and powerful experience that leads to self-discovery, attunement to the inherent wisdom of Mother Earth, and a deep spiritual connection to the Oneness of Being. Because the images are manifestations of nature, no esoteric explanations are necessary. The teaching comes from each individual’s personal relationship with the image -- visually, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually. Because of this, The Earth Deck is an ideal tool for earth-based spiritual practitioners as well as for professionals in traditional fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and education.

The Earth Deck appeals to everybody. People of all ages, walks of life, religious preferences, genders, cultural backgrounds, or races can use this deck for personal growth and enjoyment. All of us belong to the Earth. There are no particular credentials needed to appreciate and learn from nature. Our main challenge is to create space in our lives for deeply honoring the essential life affirming force of nature and to achieve balance with the natural world. Using The Earth Deck with all of its potential for creative and accessible applications is one way to do this. The Earth Deck with its simple elegance makes it easy for everyone to return to the All of Nature for healing, comfort and wisdom. Nature divination with The Earth Deck is truly an idea whose time has come!

The response from nature divination practitioners has been outstanding.
In addition to deriving great pleasure from the imagery, people gain insight
into challenges and receive guidance in their quest for self-knowledge.

Learn more about how to use The Earth Deck.

Read testimonials from users of The Earth Deck.

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