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#50 White Feather #22 Leaf Pattern #25 Moss on Rock #45 Tree Moss #16 Fire Dance #15 Entwined Tree Limbs #12 Dandelion I #11 Dancing Light
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The Earth Deck with
Handcrafted Custom
Carrying Pouch

The Earth Deck

Handcrafted Custom
Carrying Pouch

Single Earth Deck Cards


Nature Divination
with Gaiamore

Schedule a Guest
Lectures, Parties, Rituals,
Ceremonies, etc.


Single Earth Deck Cards -
$3.00 Each

Choose any card from the deck of 52 original 8x8 inch laminated photos (see thumbnail page).

You can purchase one or more single cards from the deck. These are great for meditation, altars, wall art, replacement cards, gifts, etc.

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