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#5 Camp Fire #28 Night Moon #47 Trees, Grass, Water #16 Fire Dance #37 Rose Hips #41 Sun in Clouds #7 Clouds #36 Roots on Rock
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About The Earth Deck Creator

Gaiamore photo 

Gail Morrison, M.Ed., aka Gaiamore, is a photographer, eco-therapist and teacher of earth-based spiritual practices. She facilitates personal growth and healing through a deep connection with nature. Her photographs emerge from her passionate love for the wild and her keen awareness of the Earth as Sacred Teacher. Gaiamore’s work leads us on a journey to the self that extends to the heart and soul of the planet.

Gaiamore's greatest satisfaction comes from facilitating creative expression and introspection through our natural connection to the Earth. Her background includes many years of work as a teacher, counselor and group facilitator. She is trained in creative visualization, hypno-therapy, shamanic journeying, hospice care giving, and relaxation techniques. She is the author of The Elements of Self-Esteem, and she also researched and developed Skills for Success, a program for at-risk populations and the professionals who serve them. All of her professional experience combined with her deep relationship to nature led her to develop this simple but enlightening tool for self-discovery-- The Earth Deck.




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