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#45 Tree Moss #48 Water Lilies #41 Sun in Clouds #53 Yosemite Cliff #24 Morning Dew #8 Crashing Waves #46 Trees #29 Reflection
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Earth Deck Testimonials

When I cannot make the opportunity to actually step out onto the land and immerse my self in her beauty and gifts, I sometimes pull a card from the Earth Deck. When I do so, I am often thrown into a reverie, a dialogue with that aspect of grandmother’s beauty that is suddenly gracing my vision close up through the wonderful photograph. While not a substitute for encountering the earth first hand, this beautiful set of cards can serve as a reminder of what awaits us just outside our door and can stimulate imagery journeys that deepen our love and gratitude for the other than human beings that populate our planet.

Peter Scanlan, Ph.D.
Wilderness Vision Quest and Soulcraft Guide
Clinical Psychologist
Nashville, Tennessee




The Earth Deck has a lot of power. Extremely riveting and compelling, the images of the earth remind us of our deepest, most primitive selves. They take us into our own inner landscape where we don’t often sit. Working with this deck is not a mind game like some other tools for introspection. The pictures evoke a non-verbal response that reminds us of who we are.

Donna Read
award winning film maker





When we learn to read Tarot we study the meanings of numbers and elements, and most of all, especially from modern decks, we learn to think in pictures and interpret them.  Gail Morrison's Earth Deck not only furthers our skill in finding our own meanings in the beautiful images from Nature, but also leads us into divination by simply gazing at the sky, the lake, and the patterns of leaves in the world around us.  Gail's beautiful mystical photographs help us feed our souls.

Rose May Dance, aka Gweneth Dietrich, CCHTReclaiming teacher
San Francisco, CA




Each day, I draw a card from the deck. An image to meditate on. An image to hold in my mind's eye as I go about my daily tasks. The images that I draw each day mirror my feelings, my thoughts, my path for the day. The Earth Mother sends messages to me in so many ways, and one of those ways is via the Earth Deck.

I just recently became a licensed massage therapist. I usually have my clients draw a card from the deck. During the massage, the images stay with them via the conscious mind and/or unconscious mind. I have noticed an improvement in relaxation.

Alicia-Marie Lavoie "Nika"
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner



Thanks so much for your beautiful card with that terrific photo of moon in clouds shining on water. Wow! I still have the one on a photo card telling of your art show. Another awesome photo of yours! Both are cherished.


Hey! My husband heard me (how could he not) and gifted me with your beautiful nature cards. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them and they’re terrific! The only thing I wish (because I am so very place oriented) is to know the location of the pictures. Thanks for making such beautiful things (including the lovely bag!)
-- Evergreen



A few days ago I unearthed your two beautiful cards that I drew from the deck during our spontaneous workshop/contemplation, and I hung them in places of honor. They represent a "before" and "after"of who it is I want to be in this world, to myself and others. The photos and what they represent to me are so vibrantly clear as to make it unmistakable and unforgettable. Gaia, life unfolding. They are sublimely and compassionately wise in their ways.

Chris Marano, AHG, Clinical Herbalist
Clearpath Herbals





I truly appreciate this wonderfully artistic way to enhance my own spirituality with Nature. My family and I will be leaving home this fall on a two year sailing adventure. I feel the Earth Deck will help keep me grounded in this life changing adventure.

Thank you!
Marla Webber, Canada


Your Earth Deck is wonderful!! I love it and I’m looking forward to using it. You were truly inspired when you made them! Thanks a lot.



I used the Earth Deck this weekend past at a sand tray retreat where I invited people to draw a card as part of the work they were doing over our three days together. Some of them turned up in sand trays as part of the story or part of the setting. It was lovely to see them being used by a group of folks I love as dearly as my witch camp community. I look forward to hearing more about the manual as it develops and would be happy to provide you with feedback. First feedback: folks at the retreat loved the images and the large format.

Bb, Selchie


Dear Gaiamore, Earth goddess,

Just want to say I loved your class last week…I know we all gained insights from our readings and from the simple, beautiful ritual aspects, and we were certainly transfixed by the mystical and evocative beauty of your cards…. the reverberations are surely going out in all directions!

With much appreciation,
Women’s Well


We received the second earth deck. The fabric for the case is beautiful. We are starting to meditate using the cards.



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