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#2 Bryce Canyon #52 Yellowstone Wonder #22 Leaf Pattern #36 Roots on Rock #20 Ice Laden Branches #19 Grand Canyon #48 Water Lilies #34 Rocks under Water
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About Nature Divination

What is Nature Divination?
Nature divination is the art of listening, seeing, feeling, sensing, understanding, and opening to the wisdom of the Earth. Gaiamore has combined her love of nature with her flair for photography to create The Earth Deck. This set of 52 photo cards is designed for divining information for living according to natural law. Contemplation on these images expands Earth consciousness and provides an opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with the Earth. Her vision for The Earth Deck is that it will be used as a tool for increasing reverence for the planet, for deepening our love for ourselves, and for living respectfully with each other.

Using nature photos for divination is an entirely new concept. There are many forms of divination. Some are specifically defined as such, like the tarot, runes, or the i ching. From a more psychological point of view, divination can be likened to gaining clues into the subconscious mind through through tools like the inkblot test.

From yet another perspective, divination is a form of meditation, contemplation, or deep seeing. The use of the collection of Earth Deck photos for divination is a unique and powerful experience that leads to self-discovery, attunement to the inherent wisdom of the Earth, and appreciation of the beauty of Mother Earth.

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