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#5 Camp Fire #47 Trees, Grass, Water #44 Tree Aperture #34 Rocks under Water #21 Leaf in Clover #10 Crevice in Rock #32 Rock Window #22 Leaf Pattern
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Nature Divination with The Earth Deck

Sample ways to phrase
questions or intention

Suggestions for activities
with The Earth Deck

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General guidelines

1. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

2. Decide on a question or an intention for the divination session before you draw a card (click here for examples of effective questions and intentions).

3. Hold or shuffle cards, face down, with your question or intention in mind.

4. Say the intention aloud or silently at least three times before selecting a card.

5. Select a card that feels right to you.

6. After you select the card, turn it over and focus on the image in front of you (putting thoughts of the question or intention aside).

7. Notice what you see, hear, feel, or sense from the card you have selected.

8. Now relate your impressions from step 7 to your original intention.


Examples of effective questions and intentions

What energy do I need for…?

How should I proceed with…?

Where is the best place for my quest to…?

Tell me when I will know it’s
the right time for…

I seek information about…

My intention is to learn more about…

(Avoid yes/no questions,
negative words, and
seeking information about others.)

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