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Suggestions for Activities with The Earth Deck

The following suggestions
for activities with The Earth
Deck are flexible and open
to the imaginations of the

General guidelines for
using The Earth Deck

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Card a week meditation
Suggestion: The Earth Deck has 52 cards-- one for each week of the year (four per month based on the lunar calendar). Create a special spot for quiet contemplation. Gaze softly for 10-20 minutes at one card every day for a week. Pick a day of the week to change your card and repeat the process. Be creative with your approach and notice what comes up for you.

Individual therapy sessions
Suggestion: Generally, the therapist’s job is to help people discover more about themselves, change patterns that no longer serve, and weather difficult times. The Earth Deck can facilitate this process. One way The Earth Deck can be used goes something like this. First, the professional helps the client clarify a situation or challenge. Then, s/he instructs the client to meditate on the challenge while holding The Earth Deck face down (or spreading them out on a table or floor). When ready, the client selects the card or cards that feel right. Ask the client to describe their impressions of the card(s). Then apply the knowledge gained from the cards to finding solutions and strategies for solving the problem at hand.

Inspired dance/movement
Suggestion: Each person in a group selects a card from The Earth Deck. They do not reveal it to the others. Begin with soft drumming or soothing music, and provide time for meditation on the images. Then have each person, in turn, create a non-verbal expression of the feelings evoked by the image. After a few minutes, the observers express the feelings evoked by the dance or movement. Depending on the nature of the group, this activity can be presented as a warm-up activity or used as a more profound exercise in kinesthetic self-expression.

Suggestion: To relieve stress, select an image that feels soothing to you in color, shape, energy, etc. Set it up in front of you and settle into a comfortable position. Focus on the breath. With the in-breath, take in the soothing qualities of the image. With the out-breath, say the word "one" (out loud or to yourself) as a reminder of your oneness with the world of nature.

Creative writing exercises/inspiration
Suggestion: This can be done as a group activity or alone. Select a card at random and write down the first word that pops into your mind. Replace the card in the deck. Continue this process with 10 or 15 more cards, making a list of words. When you are done, write a creative piece using all of the words. There are many variations of this activity.

The possibilities are endless. Gaiamore is currently developing a guidebook of suggestions for working with the deck. The following categories will be covered in the upcoming publication:

  • Parlor Games
  • Group process
  • Earth-based spiritual practices, rituals, ceremonies
  • Individual or group trance journeys
  • Self-knowledge, journaling
  • Dream work

Gaiamore is also available for consultation by phone to assist you in tailoring activities to your special needs.




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